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AIT Token is now listed at Uniramp

We are excited to announce that Uniramp and AI Trader have entered a partnership to make $AIT more accessible to users. The AIT Token is now listed at Uniramp! 

AI Trader is a unique trading platform that is designed to make trading smarter, more efficient, and more accessible to everyone. Their platform is built on a strong design philosophy that focuses on simplicity, pragmatism, sustainability, and intelligent AI trading. By incorporating these principles into their platform, AI Trader aims to provide users with a secure, scalable, and flexible trading system that is easy to use and accessible to everyone.

One of the key advantages of AI Trader is its focus on simplicity. The platform aims to keep its feature set as simple as possible, allowing for a more secure, scalable, and flexible system. By using existing, battle-tested Ethereum code and BSC code wherever possible, AI Trader can reduce the risk of introducing unintentional bugs and make it easier for external contributors and auditors to access the platform.

Learn more about AI Trader when you visit their website: ait.finance 

The listing of AIT Token on Uniramp allows users to purchase $AIT using credit cards, bank transfers, and other conventional payment methods. This makes buying $AIT faster and easier! 

Buy $AIT within just minutes: uniramp.cc/beta 

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