UNIRAMP PTE. LTD. (UEN: 202234427R) and its affiliates (collectively, “UNIRAMP”) are not registered, licensed or exempted with the Monetary Authority of Singapore (“MAS”) in Singapore as financial institutions, financial advisers, or any other regulated entities under the Securities and Futures Act 2001 (“SFA”), the Payment Services Act 2019 (“PSA”), or the Financial Advisers Act 2001 (“FAA”). UNIRAMP does not hold nor purport to hold any capital markets services (“CMS”) licence with the MAS for dealing in capital markets products (or any other CMS licence) under the SFA. UNIRAMP prohibits digital tokens that constitute capital markets products from being sold or purchased through UNIRAMP’S platform. UNIRAMP does not hold nor purport to hold any payment institution licence under the PSA. The business activities of UNIRAMP do not constitute any payment services under the PSA. For the avoidance of doubt, UNIRAMP does not issue any e-money, payment accounts or digital payment tokens, nor does UNIRAMP accept any payments for processing or for executing payment transactions for any party. UNIRAMP does not come into possession of any digital tokens or fiat currencies that are being transferred between third parties. UNIRAMP does not purport to establish or operate an organised market under the SFA. UNIRAMP also does not hold nor purport to hold a financial advisers’ licence nor is an exempt financial adviser pursuant to the FAA and other related regulations. UNIRAMP is an unregulated person (with no licensing obligations) and must not be perceived as being licensed, regulated, sanctioned, endorsed or approved by MAS (or other regulatory body in Singapore other than its registration with ACRA as an incorporated entity). UNIRAMP does not engage in any other form of regulated activity administered by the MAS.