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BRICS Chain is Now Listed on Uniramp

We are thrilled to announce the listing of BRICS Chain Token on Uniramp! This integration marks a significant stride in our commitment to providing users with seamless access to the most innovative blockchain projects.

About BRICS Chain: Revolutionizing the financial landscape

BRICS Chain ($BRICS) serves as a pegged blockchain version of The BRICS Reserve Currency, providing stability and reliability in the ever-evolving world of digital assets. For those unfamiliar, BRICS represents a group of major emerging national economies: Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa. These countries together, comprising over 3.2 Billion people, produce a massive amount of resources for the world – 26% Oil, 40% Corn, 46% Wheat. 

A straightforward way to invest in BRICS 

The easiest way to invest and be involved in BRICS is by purchasing $BRICS because it does not require any level of expertise, and anybody can quickly get started. Read more at https://bricschain.io/brics/better-ways-to-invest-in-brics

Introducing BRICS Chain NFT 

BRICS Chain’s NFT system is integrated into the $BRICS web wallet, giving users the ability to trade their NFTs on the web wallet.

Learn more about the project here:






What $BRICS listing on Uniramp means for users around the world

With BRICS Chain Token now listed on Uniramp, users can effortlessly purchase $BRICS using multiple payment methods on our platform. Whether it’s through bank transfers, credit cards, Google Pay, or other conventional payment methods, Uniramp supports over 60+ payment methods, making fiat-crypto conversions smooth and user-friendly.

Experience quick user onboarding with Uniramp

Uniramp is a universal onramp solution for web3. We simplify complex crypto purchase processes, ensuring a user-centric experience that makes fiat-crypto conversions quick and easy. Using a single API and widget, Uniramp connects blockchain projects to fiat gateways worldwide. This allows businesses and blockchain projects to provide users with the convenience of purchasing cryptocurrency tokens using simple payment methods regardless of their geographic location.

Uniramp is at the forefront of helping blockchain projects onboard users swiftly and seamlessly. With over 100+ businesses onboarded, Uniramp enables blockchain projects to provide users worldwide with direct access to their crypto tokens. If interested in what we offer, get in touch with us via @unirampbd on Telegram or book a call with us for an in-depth understanding of our products.  

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