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CZUSD Token is now listed at Uniramp

We are pleased to announce that CZodiac’s CZUSD Token ($CZUSD) is now listed on Uniramp. You can now purchase $CZUSD using multiple payment methods at Uniramp!

Uniramp is a DeFi-powered onramp/offramp aggregator. We provide blockchain projects with the technology to allow users to purchase crypto tokens using multiple payment methods. With our easy-to-use platform, users can quickly and easily purchase crypto tokens with payment methods such as credit cards and bank transfers.

CZODIAC is a one-stop shop for all things blockchain, offering an innovative and comprehensive suite of financial tools and services that meet the unique needs of every user. Whether you’re a seasoned crypto veteran or a newcomer to the DeFi space, CZODIAC makes it easy for you to achieve your financial goals with its focus on simplicity, accessibility, and cutting-edge technology.

The CZUSD Token serves as a gateway to seamless exchange between various products and services within the CZODIAC ecosystem. It offers the ability to easily convert BUSD into the ecosystem, as well as transfer assets back out again, ensuring that members have access to the liquidity they need. CZUSD operates differently than a traditional stablecoin, functioning more like a centrally managed currency with a dollar peg. This allows it to have a greater degree of control over its monetary policy, allowing it to best support growth within the ecosystem.

Learn more about CZODIAC: czodiac.com 

We are thrilled to list the CZUSD Token on our platform, providing users with access to this innovative and useful financial tool. With Uniramp, buying of CZUSD is now easier and more accessible than ever before. Get started today and join the growing number of users who are using Uniramp to buy their favorite crypto tokens! 

Buy $CZUSD: uniramp.cc/beta 

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