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Forus Token is now listed at Uniramp

Forus Token is now listed at Uniramp

We are excited to announce that Forus Token ($FORS) is now listed at Uniramp. With Uniramp, users can easily buy the $FORS Token using multiple payment methods, including credit cards, bank transfers, and more. 

Forus Token is a community-based token and platform that focuses on creating value for everyone. The more you participate, the more everyone benefits. The Forus Token is built on three key principles: working together to create value for others, being open and welcoming to participants in your project, and always acting with benevolence, honesty, and integrity. The Forus Platform is an exchange platform that aims to solve two major issues: scalability issues and low liquidity in cryptocurrency markets due to high volatility or unpredictable price movements.

Visit forustoken.com to learn more about the Forus Token and platform! 

Uniramp is a DeFi-powered onramp/offramp aggregator. We provide blockchain projects with the technology to allow users to purchase crypto tokens using various payment methods, making fiat-token onramp/offramp easy for users and businesses.

By listing the Forus Token on Uniramp, we believe that we can help increase its visibility and accessibility to a wider audience. With our easy-to-use platform, users can easily purchase $FORS using their preferred payment methods. As we continue to expand our platform, we strive to provide users with the best possible experience when it comes to buying and selling crypto tokens.

Buy $FORS today – uniramp.cc/beta  

Are you a blockchain project owner or someone looking to integrate multiple payment methods for your crypto tokens? Check out Uniramp! 

At Uniramp, we make fiat-token onramp/offramp easy for users and businesses. If interested in our products, contact @unirampsales on telegram or visit uniramp.com to learn more.

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