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How to Buy Crypto with BPI 

You can now buy cryptocurrencies with BPI! Uniramp now supports buying cryptocurrencies through BPI. This development represents a major advancement toward our objective of giving users worldwide easy access to cryptocurrencies. This blog post will guide you through the simple procedure of how you can buy crypto with BPI on Uniramp.

Uniramp makes fiat-crypto conversions easy for users globally. Follow this four-step guide to buy crypto using BPI on Uniramp: 

Step 1: Head over to Uniramp to start your purchase

Head over to uniramp.com and launch the Uniramp widget to initiate the buy process. The Uniramp widget has a straightforward interface designed to make the purchase process convenient for users. 

Step 2: Choose your preference

Input your local currency (Php), the cryptocurrency you wish to purchase, and select BPI as your payment method. The Uniramp engine automatically recommends the best route for your crypto purchase. The engine takes into account factors such as speed, cost, and deliverability across all potential combinations of routes to eventually determine the best route for the transaction.

Step 3: Wallet connect

To continue with your purchase, connect your wallet and complete the necessary fields. Fulfill the simple KYC to initiate the last step of the purchase process. 

Step 4: DeFi Swap

The final step is a DeFi swap. You will seamlessly transition into a DeFi swap after fulfilling the simple KYC requirements. Confirm the swap and wait a few minutes for your updated balance to be reflected in your wallet. 

Congratulations! You’ve just purchased cryptocurrency using BPI on Uniramp. Check your wallet for more details. 

Simple isn’t it? Uniramp allows users worldwide to purchase cryptocurrency using convenient payment methods. Buy crypto with credit cards, bank transfers, and more! 

Facilitating global access to crypto

Uniramp is a universal onramp solution for web3. Get connected to fiat gateways globally via one API and widget. With Uniramp, fiat-crypto conversions are made simple and easy. 

Onramp users worldwide

Allow users worldwide to purchase crypto tokens for usage on your platform. Uniramp is at the forefront of helping blockchain projects and businesses to onboard users quickly and seamlessly. If interested in what we offer, get in touch with us via @unirampbd on Telegram or book a call with us for an in-depth understanding of our products.  

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