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Uniramp partners with Unizen to accelerate omni-chain decentralized swaps

Uniramp has partnered with Unizen, a pioneering trade aggregation platform, to improve decentralized trading experiences. This collaboration aims to elevate the decentralized trading experience for users by combining Uniramp’s proprietary Hybrid-Ramp Engine with Unizen’s cutting-edge Trade SDK. Together, they offer a seamless and cost-efficient solution for omni-chain-enabled decentralized swaps. 

Uniramp Hybrid-Ramp Engine

Uniramp’s Hybrid-Ramp Engine is crucial in finding the best route for onramp transactions. The engine determines whether a transaction is supported by existing onramp/offramp providers, such as Moonpay or Transak. If not, it explores potential DeFi routes, including popular protocols like Uniswap, 0x, and cBridge. By using a sophisticated routing algorithm, the engine takes into account essential factors like speed, cost, and deliverability to determine the most optimal transaction route.

Unizen Trade SDK 

Unizen’s Trade SDK enables seamless interoperability, facilitating fast, zero-touch cross-chain interactions at minimal cost for all assets. Moreover, the Trade SDK provides instant access to decentralized liquidity across multiple blockchains, including native Bitcoin.

By integrating Unizen’s Trade SDK into the Uniramp platform, users gain access to innovative features like the Unizen Liquidity Distribution Mechanism (ULDM) and Unizen Interoperability Protocol (UIP). The Trade SDK outperforms other DEX aggregators, providing higher value and faster cross-chain interactions at a minimal cost. 

Revolutionizing decentralized swaps 

The partnership between Uniramp and Unizen holds promising prospects for users seeking cost-efficient, seamless omni-chain-enabled decentralized swaps. Adam Ihsan, Founder of Uniramp, expressed excitement about the possibilities this collaboration brings, underscoring their commitment to delivering an exceptional trading experience.

Sean, CEO of Unizen, echoed the sentiment, expressing enthusiasm about empowering Uniramp users with their cutting-edge Trade SDK. By harnessing the strengths of Uniramp’s Hybrid-Ramp Engine and Unizen’s Trade SDK, the partnership is poised to advance decentralized trading and elevate the user experience for traders worldwide.

The partnership between Uniramp and Unizen sets a new standard for decentralized swaps, offering users unmatched trading experiences. This strategic collaboration showcases both companies’ commitment to driving innovation and promoting decentralized trading in the Web3 ecosystem. 

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