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Uniramp: Pioneering the future of decentralized trading – A month in review

In the dynamic Web3 ecosystem, Uniramp stands out as a trailblazer. By simplifying fiat-to-crypto conversions, we are dramatically reshaping the way users engage with digital currencies. Over the past month, Uniramp has made substantial advancements in tech development, client acquisition, and strategic partnerships to boost fiat-onramp adoption. In this blog post, we’ll provide a detailed overview of the key milestones that have underlined our commitment to driving innovation in the Web3 sphere.

The Unveiling of Uniramp v1

After much anticipation, we’re thrilled to have unveiled Uniramp’s Version 1. This pivotal update empowers Web3 projects to effortlessly integrate our groundbreaking technology with only a few lines of code. It enables them to build unique and innovative products around our API, laying the groundwork for the future of crypto exchanges.

For users, procuring crypto tokens has never been simpler. Thanks to the variety of payment methods we support, users across the globe can swiftly acquire cryptocurrency tokens, significantly reducing barriers to entry for potential crypto enthusiasts.

Surpassing the 100-Client Mark

Uniramp’s customer base continues to flourish. We’ve successfully onboarded more than 100 diverse cryptocurrency projects, offering them a direct channel for users to acquire their tokens through our platform. By streamlining the purchasing process, we make it possible for users worldwide to buy crypto tokens with unprecedented ease.

A Strategic Partnership with MANTRA

We are excited to announce a strategic alliance with MANTRA, a trusted and leading player in the DeFi ecosystem. By integrating Uniramp’s state-of-the-art technology, MANTRA enables users to buy $OM directly using traditional payment methods like credit cards and bank transfers. As a regulatory-compliant blockchain ecosystem, MANTRA enhances the adoption of cryptocurrencies by providing easy access to DeFi products and services.

Collaborating with Unizen

To take your DeFi experience to the next level, Uniramp has teamed up with Unizen, a leading trade aggregation platform. By integrating Uniramp’s unique Hybrid-Ramp Engine with Unizen’s advanced Trade SDK, we aim to streamline the process of omni-chain-enabled decentralized swaps. The outcome? A seamless and cost-efficient trading solution that pushes the boundaries of the decentralized trading experience.

At Uniramp, we remain devoted to continuous technological upgrades, improving our product offerings, and cultivating strategic alliances. Our ultimate goal? To make fiat-crypto conversion easy!

Uniramp, a universal onramp solution for Web3, is at the forefront of helping blockchain projects onboard users swiftly and seamlessly. We provide a connection to global fiat gateways through one API and widget. If you’re interested in what we offer, get in touch with us via @unirampbd on Telegram or book a call with us for an in-depth understanding of our products. Together, let’s shape the future of decentralized trading.

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